Chevin Forest Park, Otley



otley leafletOtley Chevin is a dramatic ridge north of Leeds, which overlooks Wharfedale. There are sandstone quarries along the ridge, with dramatic crags and huge slipped boulders in places. A geological leaflet guides the visitor around a 3 km way-marked walk which has been marked by huge carved stones. The geology trail leaflet and an audio trail are available for download. At Surprise View, the highest point of the walk, is an interpretation board with landscape and archaeological information.


Both the trail leaflet, in pdf format, and the audio trail, in mp3 format, are available for download.

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Download the trail leaflet

Geology page
Walk page

Download a copy of

the interpretation board

Download the audio trail

01 Introduction
02 The moon and the tides
03 Otley in Carboniferous times
04 Wharfedale and its glacier
05 Follow the Vacca Wall
06 Great Dib landslip
07 Fossil Branches on a rock
08 Mossy Crag
09 A very small coal seam
10 Variscan Orogeny
11 Surprise View
Otley Chevin Audio Trail