Local Geology Sites


The West Yorkshire Geology Trust has worked with the five local authorities in the county to designate more than 80 places as Local Geological Sites (LGS). We have tried to make sure that the LGS represent all the rocks which are exposed in West Yorkshire. Local authority planning departments are aware of all the LGS and are able to warn us if there is a threat to any of the sites.
These sites are important for at least one of the following four reasons:

  • They are valuable for education, both by young people and by those with a general interest in rocks and landscape in West Yorkshire.

  • They may be an important scientific site, with rocks or fossils that need protection.

  • They may be significant in the history of geological sciences.

  • They may have aesthetic value and may contain areas which have outstanding views or landscapes.

  • If you wish to report on the condition of any of the sites you can use this Site Monitoring Form.

Please feel free to view some of the local geology sites in West Yorkshire listed below:

doubler stones bridestonesbuckstoneschevinhorbury

WARNING: Check on Access and Rights of Way if you intend to visit any of the locations and sites listed.

Further scientific information on each LGS is held by the West Yorkshire Geology Trust. For this and information about ownership of sites please contact us at sites@wyorksgeologytrust.org