Geology path Boston Spa

A group of walkers

Where can you see sedimentary rocks from Orkney, igneous rocks from Pembrokeshire, metamorphic rocks from Islay, minerals from the North Pennines and fossils from the Northumberland coast within a mile of the centre of Boston Spa?
Malcolm and Julie Barnes, members of the Mid-week Geology Group (MWGG) in Yorkshire, have created a garden path using the rock, mineral and fossil samples that they have collected during their holidays and geological field trips. They were inspired by the geological wall at Mavis Grind in Shetland which displays samples of all the rocks exposed on Shetland, with an accompanying key on an interpretation panel. Because Malcolm has kept a systematic record of the places where he has collected samples, he has been able to produce a key to the rocks, minerals and fossils in the 11 metre long path outside his front door.
The path includes samples from most of the UK, but also from Australia, India, Norway, Italy and Mount Everest, thanks to well-travelled friends. Malcolm has also used some rocks which have been cut and polished decoratively, such as slates from the Lake District and a round granite block. The key to this wonderful geological collection can be found in the leaflet on the MWGG website, or you can download the leaflet by clicking here.


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