Geological SSSI Surveying

Many Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) are designated for their geological interest. During the last three years WYGT members have taken part in Natural England surveys of geological SSSIs in Yorkshire and Northumberland, coordinated by The Geology Trusts. We visited each site to see if the important rocks/fossils/minerals/features for which they are designated are still visible or could be made visible and, in some cases, whether they are still accessible for the general public. ...more...

Yorkshire Geology Day, Saturday May 11th 2024

This annual event, coordinated by the Yorkshire Geological Society, took place at the National Coal Mining Museum, at the former Caphouse Colliery near Wakefield. It was attended by many families and individuals who were welcomed by the local geological groups, who ranged across the county from Scarborough to Sheffield. Activities such as book sales, rock and fossil identification, gazing at thin sections of polished rocks down microscopes, as well as drawing and modelling tables with children in mind, were in evidence. ...more...


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