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Your Geology Trust needs youThe West Yorkshire Geology Trust is run by volunteers. We are always in need of enthusiastic volunteers, be they someone who is interested in their local environment and landscape or professional geologists. You could be involved with a wide range of activities, from surveying sites to helping run events and activities or leading guided walks. For more information about how you could be involved, please contact us.

A good initial introduction to the group is to support our events and walks. They are open to all and you are always welcome.

Keep us updated by reporting any threats or actual damage to Local Geology Sites. If it is safe to do so, gather photographic evidence. Temporary exposures, due to building or other works can reveal geology not seen before. If you see any, let us know and if possible take a photograph.

Help to preserve an area by proposing a site that you think should be conserved for future generations. The Todmorden Moor Local Geology Site was proposed by a local community group.
Many sites need an occasional monitoring visit to assess the condition of the feature of interest and the access to the site. We need someone with previous geological field experience to undertake this task. We also need someone to take on special responsibility for the Leeds area of West Yorkshire. This local representative would ideally live in the area and be willing to become a member of the WYGT committee.

If you are an interested amateur or a professional or retired geologist and want to continue to be involved in the subject, please contact us to explore how you can help.

Click here to download a mailing list application form. Return this to us and we will keep you updated with all of our news.